Due to the current realities of Covid 19, our team at the Hacienda is being extra diligent to make sure that your wellness, health and safety are top priority during your stay. While impeccable cleanliness and quality have always been integral at the Hacienda Chacala, there are now additional measures in place. Doorknobs and faucet handles are disinfected multiple times daily. Staff members keep safe distances, always wear masks when in the home, and ventilate all the rooms of the house daily for fresh air circulation. You can rest easy knowing that we’re taking care of you, your family, and your exceptional experience here in paradise.

As always, our on-site water treatment plant provides 100% drinkable water from every faucet and shower in the house. Additionally, our staff thoroughly sanitizes all food and surfaces during meal preparation.

“This was the first time I’ve been to Mexico without getting sick. I always hesitate to come with my family because I get so ill. The Hacienda has figured it all out from A to Z. Thanks for a truly amazing week in paradise, can’t wait to return.” — Jenny P.

“My experience traveling to Chacala during the Covid was wonderful. Flights are less than half full with 100% adherence to mask usage. I’ve always felt safe and that full precautions are being taken. What an amazing escape to the Hacienda Cahcala!” – Emily J.